Sizing and Fitting





Wrap a tape measure low around your buttocks at the back and across the top of your pubic bone at the front.

Choose the size that fits with your measurement and record this when you go through the order process.

XS      80  - 88cm

S         89  -  95cm

SM      96  -  101cm

M       102  -  108cm

ML     109  -  115cm

L        116  -  120cm

XL      120  -  135cm

If you are wearing your Smileybelt as a belly band the measurement process is the same, but if you are concerned that this sizing won't work for you, please write in the message box that you are wearing your belt as a belly band.

Please fill in the message box on the order form page if you would like help with sizing or anything else you would like me to know.


Wrap your Smieybelt around your lower pelvis, pull the velcro ends forward to take up the stretch, and then cross over the velco ends to fasten. It should feel supportive but comfortable and must not be too tight.


Wash in cold or warm soapy water and rinse and drip dry.