Wearing your Smileybelt with the logo at the front, as a belly band, will help your abdominal muscles hold you baby belly close to you. This will take strain off of your mid to lower back, decreasing the arch that can occur when you are struggling with this.

Especially good if you are doing a lot of standing.

Also a comfortable way to wear your Smileybelt when sitting.

The symphysis pubic joint is at the front of your pelvis. It is a hinge type joint which connects the two sides of the pelvis together and like the sacro- iliac joints is stabilised by strong ligaments.  It has abdominal, pelvic floor and lower limb muscles attached to it and during pregnancy comes under a lot of strain. Each time you take a step, your weight is transfered from your trunk to your lower limbs through this joint. If there is a problem with this joint it will be most noticeable when you stand up, go to take a step, and when you roll over in bed and when you walk.
When a Smileybelt is wrapped around your pelvis at the level of the pubic joint it will gently assist in stabilising this joint as you walk. Because it is flexible the movement is more fluid and the belt more comfortable than a rigid pubic support.

Wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back. 

Your sacro-iliac joints are flat joints at the back of your pelvis, and during pregnancy they are under more stress than usual, sometimes causing pain when you roll over, take weight through one leg (eg when walking, going up and down stairs), or move from sitting to standing, as well as bending forward and lifting. A Smileybelt will support your sacro-iliac joints and assist your muscles and ligaments to keep control - reducing their workload and allowing them to recover from fatigue.

Wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back. 

Wear your Smileybelt over under-clothes and cover with outer clothing.

Smileybelt logo goes at the back for pelvic joint pain - symphysis pubis & sacro-iliac pain.

Smileybelt logo goes at the front for low back pain and as a belly belt for abdominal support.

Wrap your Smileybelt around your pelvis, holding onto the inner end of the velcro on each side. Before you do the velcro ends up, gently pull them to take up a bit of the stretch and then cross the velcro ends over.

The Smileybelt will  assist with abdominal and back support during the first few weeks until your muscles recover. Then you can sell it on trademe, put it away until next  time or give it away to someone with back problems.

I only became aware of the Smileybelt through my mother who recently meet you at a gathering in havelock North (my hometown). She insisted that I check it out and order one. I don't normally have back issues but I am amazed at how much support I get from that belt. I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and frequently pick up my two other children (3 years and 22months) therefore I really do need something to give me extra support. I am now forever suggesting to other mothers that this is the belt they need! Thanks again for an awesome product :)