During Pregnancy

Hormonal influences and the growth of your baby are creating postural changes in your body and sometimes these changes cause pain and discomfort.

Use a Smileybelt Maternity Support to Help..... 

  • manage daily activities with less pain and stress
  • exercise without over stressing joints and soft tissue
  • support your abdomen/baby belly ligaments and muscles, reducing pressure in the lower pelvis 
  • facilitate postural awareness
  • maintain pelvic floor tone during pregnancy
  • facilitate normal muscle patterns of movement during pregnancy, which maintains muscle tone throughout the body
  • improve endurance
  • feel less tired at the end of the day.

Manage Your Pregnancy Pain and Dysfunction

Appropriate exercise and good posture will greatly enhance your present status and your post partum recovery. Use a Smileybelt to keep you active.


                                                                              pelvic joint pain                   back pain or abdominal strain