Understanding Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

 Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
21 February, 2017

During pregnancy the joint at the front of your pelvis, the symphysis pubis joint, can become very unstable and cause excruciating pain with every step you take.  It will not recover spontaneously and as you become more pregnant the increasing strain may result in needing crutches to...


5 Ways to Wear a Smileybelt

5 Ways to Wear a Smileybelt
15 November, 2016

 How To Use a Smileybelt  1 . Pelvic Joint Support: I f you are experiencing   pain in your   sacro-iliac joints (at the back of the pelvis), symphysis pubic joint (at the front of your pelvis) or low back pain.  wear your Smileybelt with the logo at the back...