Sizing and Fitting

Wrap a tape measure around your lower spine or pelvis at the level you will be wearing your Smileybelt back support.

Choose a size that fits your measurement and record this measurement on the order form. If you are unsure of your size put your measurement in the comments box on the order form.

XS       80  -  89cm

S         90  -  95cm

SM      96  -  100cm

M       101  -  107cm

ML     108  -  115cm

L        116  -  120cm

XL      120  -  135cm



Wear your Smileybelt over underwear or over outer clothes.

Wrap your Smileybelt around your body and pull the velcro ends forwards to take up the stretch and then fold over the velcro ends. Comfort is important - to be effective it should not be too tight.


Wash in cold or warm soapy water, rinse and drip dry. It is ok in a washing machine.

Hi Guys, seems I owe you an apology! After years and years of back trouble/pain and all the rest that goes with it, my Chiropractor suggested I get a Smileybelt, which I did. But I looked at it and decided it would do nothing for me. What a Dick, I sent it back. I have recently changed jobs and am now in building, so he suggested I get a belt, again. This time I ordered it, tried it on and I love it. There is NO WAY I could do what I do everyday without back trouble but with your Smileybelt I am freaking Smiling. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  - why did I send it back the first time with out trying it on. I highly recommend this belt.