Lower Back Pain Relief

Relieve Low Back Pain and Keep Active with a Smileybelt

Shaped to support the pelvic and lower spinal joints, facilitate good posture, and encourage the abdominal muscles to work and strengthen, the Smileybelt is perfect to wear when...

  • recovering  from mild to moderate low back pain
  • vulnerable to back injury
  • you have pelvic joint laxity
  • you have spine instability
  • you suffer from chronic pain, especially at night.   

Manage Low back and Pelvic Joint Pain at Work & Leisure

Recommended for activities such as housework, gardening, walking, jogging, tennis, golf, bowls etc.

Used by hairdressers, tradesmen, vet nurses, farmers, care givers of children and the elderly .....  anyone spending time on their feet.

Highly recommended for gardeners.

My Smileybelt was delivered by Courier Post at 12pm. Fits well and very pleased with the product and happy to recommennd to others. Tremendous service by yourself, and CourierPost are the best, I use them all the time. Many thanks.