The Smileybelt support is shaped to fit your pelvis and support the lower lumbar and pelvic joints. The flexibility and shape promotes normal muscle activity rather than 'doing the work'  for the muscles, enhancing a long term recovery.

By supporting your pelvis with a Smileybelt the gentle compression around the pelvis will control intra-abdominal pressure (which builds up when you bend and lift, laugh, sneeze and cough, and push or pull). Because the pressure is controlled, there is dramatically less stress on your spine and pelvis as the Smileybelt controls the effect of the intra-abdominal pressure.

With your joints held in alignment when you wear a Smileybelt, your muscles and ligaments will respond normally and quickly when you move, so your balance reactions are more stable.

Now that you are active with good alignment and support, your deep supportive muscles and large outer muscles will work in good patterns of movement and be able to regain knowledge and strength. Recovery will occur more quickly and re-injury is less likely to occur as your muscle tone will become more balanced.

These people have had success wearing a Smileybelt.....
tradesmen, hairdressers
vet nurses, warehouse workers
care givers of children and elderly
fishermen, farmers
gardeners, house workers
tennis players, bowlers, golfers, walkers and trampers
- and the list continues to grow......


Thank you !! I have recieved my smiley belt today and already the difference it has made to my pelvic pain is amazing. I took it for my usual daily walk and have spent a few hours working in the kitchen, and feel so much more comfortable. I am only 18 weeks pregnant but have been having pelvic pain since 7 weeks. I imagine it would have only gotten worse in the months to come, so I am over joyed that I was recommended this product. Thanks.
Jenny K