For Back Pain

Low back problems disrupt daily activities and future plans, and come with pain, frustration and disillusionment with life. Whatever the cause, the result is associated muscle spasm inhibiting activitity and sleep patterns, and over time creates muscle imbalances and altered posture.

Use a Smileybelt Back Support To Ease Back into Activity

Evidence based treatment options for mild to moderate back pain now recommend in most cases we should keep moving rather than resorting to bed rest. Very recent research shows a postural support worn when exercising improved the recovery, stating Abdominal bracing adds to the exercise effect. It could be considered as a "preliminary muscle back belt on demand" 

Whether you are at the early stage of recovery, getting back into normal daily activities, playing sport, or managing chronic back pain, a Smileybelt will help give you security and confidence to keep active.

Flexible and supportive, a Smileybelt will help reduce muscle spasm, stabilise pelvic and spinal joints, and encourage normal muscle patterns of movement when you move, enhancing recovery and preventing re-injury.


Hi Guys, seems I owe you an apology! After years and years of back trouble/pain and all the rest that goes with it, my Chiropractor suggested I get a Smileybelt, which I did. But I looked at it and decided it would do nothing for me. What a Dick, I sent it back. I have recently changed jobs and am now in building, so he suggested I get a belt, again. This time I ordered it, tried it on and I love it. There is NO WAY I could do what I do everyday without back trouble but with your Smileybelt I am freaking Smiling. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  - why did I send it back the first time with out trying it on. I highly recommend this belt.