About Us

Hi, Welcome to Smileybelt New Zealand

We have supplied pregnancy support belts to women, midwives, physiotherapists, public hospitals, and oesteopaths in New Zealand for twenty one years.

Back Pain Belt For Everyone 

Now, we have incorporated a 'back pain' option for the many men and women who experience mild to moderate back and pelvic joint pain who would benefit from a comfortable and easy to wear back support belt. At work or in your leisure time a Smileybelt will keep you active.

Manage Your Back Pain and Keep Doing the Things You Love or Need to do.

We are here to help you keep active and are happy to communicate with you on lifestyle effects, posture and exercise.

Smileybelt New Zealand Stays in the Family

Smileybelts have been in my life since I was twelve years old, so I know the passion Mum had in careing for women in their child bearing years. It is a priviledge for me and my family to take over the day to day running of Smileybelt New Zealand. I am also committed to keeping people physically active and emotionally well, I teach yoga and mindfullness classes as well as being a mum.

Take care





Twenty one years ago I worked from home as a women's health physiotherapist and was unable to access support belts from the big medical companies, so I designed my own maternity support belt.

The smiles of relief when my first two customers tried it on was the moment I decided to call my pregnancy support belt a Smileybelt. Since then it has been sold by word of mouth and now Smileybelts are worn by both women and men to relieve their back pain.

Smileybelt has been a work of joy and surprises but now is the right time to hand over Smileybelt New Zealand to our daughter Julia.